Sex is a Sensation Caused by Temptation Lyrics

Sex is a Sensation Caused by Temptation Lyrics

Sex is a Sensation Caused by Temptation Lyrics: The sex is a sensation caused by temptation is an adult poem. The poem is dealing with the fact that sex is caused by temptation in between men and women. The temptation is leading to the increase in the population when a man is leaving his sperm cells inside woman. This in terms increase the generation and the poet is stating that whether you have understood my point of view, or I may perform the demonstration for my statements.

Sex is a Sensation Caused by Temptation Lyrics

What is Sex?

Sex can be defined as the temptation of men and women to release their feelings to have a physical contact. Sex can also be defined as the temptation to have a contact which involves penetration. The man’s sexual organ is penetrated in to the sexual organ of female to have ejaculation of their sexual liquids. There are several types of sex but the one with intercourse is considered as the real sex. These days sex is depending on the orientation of the person. For instance, some men are into the men and some women are into women, who are known are homosexuals. Whereas the relationship of men and women is known as heterosexual and is the main cause of increasing generations.

Why Sex is Necessary?

May be most people will deny it, but it stands a fact that sex is an important entity of everyone’s life. Whether being heterosexual or homosexual, sex is a must to get a mental and physical relief. However the poet of the poem “sex is a sensation caused by temptation” is considering the heterosexual relationship only. It is a fact that the sexual feelings are aroused only after temptations. When a person is feeling for sexual intercourse, his/her sexual hormones are active and in search of a partner to have a relief. Sex is the basic need of human beings like all other animals but they cannot fulfill their temptation in open places like animals do. They have to look for a secure and sole place to fulfill their sexual needs.

Lyrics of the Poem

Sex is a sensation, caused by temptation,
a guy sticks his location in a girls destination,
to increase the population for the next generation,
do you get my explanation or do you need a demonstration?

Sex has Different Meanings for People of Different Ages

Sex is a Sensation Caused by Temptation Lyrics

Sex has different meanings for different people. For instance, for some people mere kissing and licking might be a sex, especially for young boys and girls who are not aware of the penetration. But they must be having temptations to have penetration but due to some reasons they are not able to do so. For mature people sex is all about penetration, therefore they enjoy every bit of time they have together. For young girls and boys sex might be just by having a sex chat. For instance, the girls and boys during their early puberty age feel the sexual needs at most and they have numerous ways for acquiring their needs. One of such ways is the sexting and sex chats. Most of girls and boys during their early puberty age are fulfilling their sexual desires mere by having sex chats. They are making use of imagination for having sex together and even release their sexual liquids which lead them to satisfaction of minds and souls. If someone has sexual temptations and are not able to acquire, they might feel aggressive. Therefore, everyone must fulfil their sexual desires one way or the other.