9 different Ways in which you can handle children without beating them


Discipline is one of the hardest parts of parenthood. Parents want to keep their children safe, and teach them right from wrong. Sometimes when they want to deal with a stubborn child, they may turn to beating their kids to put a point across. Studies have shown that beating children doesn’t improve their behavior but it actually makes it worse. Here are ways in which you can handle children without necessarily beating them.

This mostly works for older kids, try to take away some of the privileges that they have and limit them. Limit their contact with the outside world and probably they can learn from their mistakes and change.

#2 Try to Calm down
When your kid gets you angry, it can be pretty easy to beat them. In that moment, it is advisable that you take some time out and try to calm down. This will give you time to deal with your emotions. This can also be done with the kid. Try to give them some time out to calm down.

#3 Take time out
This mostly works for young children. Immediately after they make a mistake try secluding them. Put them in a boring situation and don’t pay attention to them. This will give them some time to think and see the mistake they have done. Also as a parent you won’t be in a position to beat them.

#4 Taking privileges away
When you want to cross a point sometimes taking something that means the world for them can be a better idea of a punishment.

#5 Leave
It may not be a good idea, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. let’s say the kid is screaming, instead of beating them just leave and then maybe later you can make them understand what wrong they did and let them make it up for you.

#6 lay out rules and consequences
When you put across rules and actually the punishment they get it will be easy to keep your emotions on track. For example a rule like the time all kids should be in the house. Put a punishment like being grounded.

#7 Be kind but also firm
Sometime you can keep repeating one thing to a child until you reach a point and snap. Well, don’t spank but the best thing is go down to your child level hold them and gently tell them how exactly you want them to behave, nicely but with firmness too.

#8 give them choices
Try giving them choices and they can choose from them what they want to do. For example if they don’t want to eat ask them if they want to eat or leave the dining room.

#9 withdraw from the situation
Sometimes the kid might really provoke you at the point where you want to beat them. At this point it is wise to leave that spot and let them know that they can talk to you when ready.

There are better ways to handle children when in the wrong other than beating them and the list is endless. The bottom line is spanking is never a better way to deal with a situation.