8 tried and tested tips for healthier and younger skin


Are you yearning to have a beautiful and healthy skin? Well, if yes, then the good news is that this is not an impossible endeavor. First, it is important that you should change your perception when it comes to skincare.

What you need to understand is that your skin will reveal the story of how you spent your life. This is why you just cannot make any mistakes in this regard. We will just dig out some fabulous ways to keep your skin in the best shape.

How to get an enviously beautiful skin

  • Satisfy your quench for water

When you age, you will notice that your estrogen levels will drop and your skin’s oil production will decrease also. You will notice the fact that your skin will become quite itchy and dry. The skin will become thin also. This is why it is important to opt for immediate remedial measures.

This is why it is important that you should focus on hydrating yourself. Ideally, you should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. This will help to fight that excessive dryness. You should also make sure that you do not wash your face with extremely hot water and you should avoid harsh chemicals as these things will make your skin condition worse.

  • Eat plenty of nuts

Do you know natural ways through which you can improve the elasticity of your skin? The nuts are rich in selenium. What you should do is that you should consume plenty of nuts. The nuts are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and this can also help to stop the acne breakouts.

  • Cleaning your makeup brushes

If you feel that you suffer from acne breakouts quite often, then you need to identify what you have been doing wrong. Well, as per a British study about 72% of the women do not wash their makeup brushes. As a result, the brushes become contaminated with bacteria which can result in breakouts.

It is vital that you should wash the powder brushes every 2 to 3 weeks. The brushes with which you apply foundation should be washed at least once a week.

  • Exfoliate and cleanse to fight huge skin pores

One of the major skin issues is that most of the people have huge skin pores. If you have been struggling with this issue, then you need to improve your skincare regime. If your skin pores are filled with dirt, then they will definitely appear larger so you need to work on this.

You should opt for a daily exfoliation routine. Once you have exfoliated your skin it is also vital that you should cleanse your skin.

  • Include the use of Retinol in your skincare regime

You should use Retinol based products. The reason is that such products can improve the collagen production of your skin. Retinol has anti-inflammatory benefits and can reverse sun damage also.

Most of us make a common mistake and that is we do not remove our makeup completely before going to bed. Well, this is a serious mistake everyone should avoid. Makeup has got a sugar-type molecule that can cause the yeast to develop overnight.

If you forget to remove eye makeup, then this can also cause eye rashes.

  • Get hold of the best moisturizer

When you want the beautiful and glowing skin, then you should get hold of the best moisturizer. You should think along the lines of opting in for a moisturizer that has silicone in it. Silicone based moisturizers can easily lock the moisture for about 24 hours. This is why such moisturizers help to fade away the fine lines.

  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin C

Plant-derived anti-oxidants are essential for a healthy skin. This is why you have to ensure that you opt for an anti-aging cream that has plant derived anti-oxidants.

Try to consume Vitamin C rich foods if you want a healthy and wrinkle free skin. For example, Broccoli has about 65% Vitamin C. The Vitamin C can easily clean the radicals that cause the wrinkles to appear.

  • Experience the magic of a berry mask

Raspberries have which can play a crucial role to prevent wrinkles. This is why you should consider mashing some Raspberries and add some honey in the berries to prepare the perfect anti-aging mask.

Try out all these skin care tips and you will be able to get a fresh and healthy skin is simply no time at all. The secret to getting the best results is following these remedies consistently.