7 Questions to ask your Crush

7 Questions to ask your Crush

Every person among us have someone special in life. Some people have already committed to the person and some are not able even to express their feelings. The reason behind not expressing feelings is either lack of confidence or shyness. There are numerous ways you can know whether the person on whom you are having crush is interested in you not. By millions ways you can have an idea to know the fact. Following are some of the questions that you might ask your crush to know whether he/she is interested in you or not.

Questions to ask your Crush

Childhood Memory?

You can ask your crush about the favorite childhood memory. The question will give you an idea of the fact that which things are having importance for your crush in life. This will also give you an insight of the likes and dislikes of your crush.

Things scaring you

You can ask your crush about the things which are scaring you. The question is very funny and deep as well. The question will give you an insights of the personality of your crush. It will let you know the potential irritations and fears that your crush is having. You might be able to help your crush to have elimination of the fears.

Favorite City or place

Questions to ask your Crush

You can get an idea of the person on whom you have crush by asking the favorite place of his choice. For instance if you are living in San Diago then ask the person whether San diago is his favorite place? Ask the person would he/she be able to live in the city forever. If the answer to his/her question is yes, then you can be certain of the fact that you are liked by the person.

Ideal Trip

The ideal facts that a person is having can tell you a lot about the person. For instance an adventurous hike in Peru will be much different than having a luxurious trip to Macao. If the person has different views then you can think whether he/she will be interested in you or not?

Night to take Crush to Impress

Most importantly ask the person which would be the place where he/she would take crush to impress. This question will bring you to know the fact evidently whether he/she is interested in you or not because every person want to impress crush in a new way. You will also know how hard your crush will try to impress.

What Things you like to see?

Now this question would tell you in clear words whether the person is having any interest in you or not? Ask your crush what are the things that he/she is always looking for when at school or university? If the person tells anything about you or even give you a clue to be searching for you then have surety that the person is after you.

Ask your crush about future

Questions to ask your Crush

You can ask your crush about future. Ask your crush what do he/she think of the future? For instance if the person tell you to have trips to moon or something that is not possible easily then you might think of yourself having no value. But if the person is having future on reality grounded things, then you have a great chance to be his/her crush as well.