6 Tips to avoid & get rid of back pain


There are several causes of back pain or a backache; some of the most common causes of back pain include falling down, accident, improper posture while sleeping, uncomfortable mattress, deficiency of certain essential minerals such as calcium, zinc and vitamin D. Sometimes everyday activities if done incorrectly can result in back pain such as standing for a long time, sitting for long hours in office and a computer. It is not much difficult to get rid of back pain if some initial steps are taken.

Some simple tips to avoid and get rid of back pain are mentioned below:

  1. Exercise:

Get up and get moving is one of the most significant measures you can take to prevent back pain. There are some important and healthy exercises which are needed to keep the muscles and bones healthy. Our body muscles are designed to make movements and those who are inactive and remain idle for a long time suffer from a lot of muscular problems along with bones and joints disorders. Even simple movements can hurt those who are not in a good shape. In most of the females as they lift their kids from the crib they suffer from back pain due to extra pressure on the spine. It is medically proven that some exercises can also help in keeping the joint fluid at a healthy level which is needed to prevent joint pains. People who are obese also suffer from back pains as the spine and backbone have to carry extra weight. Exercise is a natural way to bring the weight down and easing back pain.

  1. Healthy dietary habits:

Most of the people who are deficient in some vitamins such as vitamin D and minerals such as calcium are at high risk of suffering from muscular and joint disorders along with back pain. When a person takes a steady diet including fast and spicy food it can cause a stress of body’s nervous system which ultimately results in back pain. It is therefore essential to take healthy diet which contains fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and eggs to keep the digestive tract healthy. People with healthy dietary habits are at lower risk of back pain.

  1. Sleep posture:

Best sleeping posture according to scientists is on your sides. If at all you need to sleep on your stomach you are supposed to place a pillow underneath your abdomen as it will reduce the stress on the back. You can get relieve with right mattress as well, make it sure that your pillow and mattress are supportive and comforting. Never compromise on pillow or mattress quality as adequate sleep is needed for good health and a choice of right mattress can have a direct influence on your sleep.

  1. Proper body posture:

If you are working at the office for a long time, your job requirement is to sit for long hours at the computer, you are using cell phones for a long time, you are at increased risk of back pain. It is therefore important to take some preventive measures such as stretching exercises at frequent intervals. These stretching exercises will take away the extra burden on the back and soothe your body as well. Practicing a good and healthy posture will help you to maintain back’s natural curves and help in keeping it stronger.

  1. Avoid stress:

Taking stress can impact the overall well being and back health. When a person is under stress, the constant muscular tension results and it can lead to back pain. There are some ways to get rid of stress such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing etc. Keep yourself happy and say no to stress.

  1. Smoking is injurious to health:

Since we all know that smoking is the direct cause of so many cardiac diseases and cancer. Continuous smoking can also result in persistent pain in the back. How smoking pain results in back actually is not completely known but most of the scientists argue that when a person smokes a cigarette the blood vessels get narrower and hence due to lack of blood, oxygen, and nutrients there is an increased risk of back pain. Along with cigarette, drug abuse is also one of the main causes of back pain.