5 Lessons I Learn From Self Improvement


Life is all about aims and your struggle to achieve your goals. Make it happen is something which makes up the bigger part of our lives. It is always important to stay happy and contended for what we have, life demands a proper and well-organized code of conduct in our everyday activities and dealings, the code of conduct in life enable us to face the challenges with high motivation and head on.

The main thing is we should keep moving despite of setbacks and without regretting much on the mistakes. The simple rules to make it happen are mentioned below:

  1. Know your value and find out for improvement with time:

As a person, we face a lot of challenges, setbacks and some motivational things which make us able to learn a lot. We need to find out our flaws and strengths at any age and should try to make ourselves better than what we were yesterday. The struggle for self-improvement is always important and essential part of our everyday living. The ones who fail to learn from their mistakes are ultimate failures. You must know your value and should try to add on more positive aspects to your personality. If you are a leader who is seeking self-improvement, you would be inspiring other people around you and they will follow your footsteps and as a result of it you can have high productivity. This attitude also ensures highly enthusiastic team with organizational happiness. Remember regardless of what outsiders may perceive the ability to make it happen can allow you to achieve impossible goals.

  1. Proficiency in Tactics is essential:

Many people work volatile under complex atmosphere around them. When life is at stake the leaders especially are supposed to be experts in their work line. Your job or life might be very hectic but there are always some principles to follow. For example, if you own a bakery and by 6 am every day you are supposed to bake the cupcakes, the ability of “make it happen” will allow you to be regular and creative in your skills and ultimately the task will provide enough learning to hone the baking skills. Being a leader, you need to be proficient in your techniques and tactics to lead from the front.

  1. A sense of responsibility is important:

One of the essential elements for success while working in a group or team is interdependence. At the UPW event one of the main things taught is to develop the sense of responsibility. When a member of our group or team pulls the weight or fails to do so we have all been impacted positively or negatively. For example, if you are working at a customer service department as a representative at the industry of health care, once you get a complaint from someone that they are given impersonal treatment, you need to consider speaking to each representative on to one instead of showing the reaction by disciplining the team. This will enable you to seek a better way to find their intrinsic requirements with the purpose.

  1. Proper decision making and in time action is vital:

It is very important to have a strong decision making ability and perhaps more important it to make in time decisions. In most of the cases, leaders are supposed to make quick decisions with lesser information, but you must have the sharp senses and quick response to the uncertain environment on a regular basis if you want to get a long-term success.

The systematic thinking is involved in this training via concerns in the pursuit of accomplishment of the mission by the application of BAMCIS which is the combination of certain elements such as:

  • Beginning of the policy-making or planning
  • Arrangement of the investigation
  • Making a complete and thorough investigation
  • Completion of the strategy making or planning
  • Issuing the order
  • Supervision of the policy and proper follow up.

When your decision making framework is simple but effective at the same time, it can offer an ideal foundation from which you can assess the concerns or problems, figure them out and make a sound decision in short time.

  1. Setting the example for others:

The devoted and trustworthy leaders are regarded as true leaders; they make strong and effective decisions for their team. Being a leader, you need to be a good listener. Take your time and listen to your teammates. You need to inspire the other teammates and motivate your team. You need to be a good role model for your team by setting a right example for others.

Either who espouse and practice ethical and responsible behavior are likely to inspire others to do the same. Marine leaders who consistently want to make things happen will set the example by leading from the front, yet putting the needs of others first.