5 easy musical instruments you can learn to play


Music is considered an important form of arts and cultural activity. The key music elements are Pitch, rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities for texture. Some of these elements (not essentially) are missed by different styles or types of music. Some forms of music also emphasize and de-emphasize some elements as well. There is various range of instruments used to perform music along with certain vocal techniques.

It was one of the main misconceptions in the past, that music can be learned only at early developmental ages and as a person becomes adult it is not easy to learn the skill of playing music. Though at adult age, music is tough to learn but it is not impossible as well. Many people have been kept from exploiting their musical skills due to this old myth. Nowadays, there are some musical instruments which are easy to learn at any age. Hence if you were interested in playing music and certain musical instruments, in this article we will discuss some musical instruments which are considered easiest to learn by adults.

As far as learning is concerned, remember that it is never too late to learn a particular skill. There are certain advantages if you learn to play musical instruments at adulthood.

As we know, it is not possible for a child when forced into music lessons to learn it well. On the other hand, for adults as they are highly self motivated and know their interests, also the adults are more independent as that of kids, this makes learning of music and playing musical instruments much easy for adults. All you need is a good lecture or guideline, motivation, and proper help. Regardless of your age, you can excel yourself in the art of playing any musical instrument.

If you are particularly interested in learning music but you didn’t learn it in childhood due to shyness or any other factor, here is a list of five easy musical instruments which you can learn at any time of life and enjoy a newly learned art.

5 Easiest musical instruments for adults:

There are some proven musical instruments which adults can also learn to play easily.

  1. Guitar:

The guitar is probably one of the best and easiest musical instruments for new learners. Since the guitar is easily accessible and affordable. For beginners, the guitars are available at around $200. There are plenty of options available for it as well. The easy lessons are also available depending on the choice. There are many learning methodologies as well. Certain textbooks, software, online tutorials are there which can make your learning much easier. If you choose guitar, you are likely to have a broad and bright future ahead. You can study playing guitar at music institution and can also join the classical or jazz route. If you are interested to form a cutting edge band you can also become a rock player by learning to play guitar easily.

  1. Keyboard or a Piano:

In my opinion, the second instrument which makes the learning of music easiest is the keyboard or piano. It is however not as easy to play keyboard or piano as compared to guitar, it is a little expensive as well and also needs some space in your room or living room. You need to take some formal classes to learn the art of playing the piano. Some serious coordination is needed to get expertise in it. The difference between keyboard and piano is that keyboards are electronic tools which can make a certain range of sounds while the piano is an acoustic tool and the sound it produces is also distinctive. Keyboards are generally economical and portable as well.

  1. Bass Guitar:

Bass guitar is totally different from the normal big guitar as it has fewer strings. A different mindset is also needed to learn this instrument as well. These bass guitars are highly affordable as well and you can purchase them online and in the local markets. It requires practice and can be challenging for you. Both bass and bass guitar are high rated musical tools.

  1. Bongos::

Bongos are small drums with the open bottom and are available in different sizes. The larger sized drum is also known as Hembra while the small sized drum is often known as Macho. The one playing bongos is known as Bongosero. It is also considered as one of the easiest musical instruments to play. You can get some guidebooks and online music tutorials to expertise the skill of playing bongos.


  1. Mandolin:

Mandolin is also one of the easiest musical tools to learn. It comprises of eight strings and a chambered body. The sound is produced with the help of chambered body and is more likely a tool for cultural acoustics. It is not expensive and is easily available as well. There are plenty of online tutorials and lessons which can make your learning easier.