33+ Challenges to do with friends

33+ Challenges to do with friends

Challenges to do with friends: Word: friend, meaning: a person who means world to you with whom you can do all the crazy stuff and share you joy and sorrow. Some friends are more than friends. They are like family to you. You do all kinds of stupid stuff and still are around you and says don’t worry am with you.

Friends play a lot of games but there are some kinds of challenges that were being thrown by friends and they were really funny and enjoyable.

33+ Challenges to do with friends

Here we present you 33+ challenges to do with friends that keep your friendship alive, funny and youthful:

  1. Raw Onion challenge: Try to eat an entire raw onion. If you manage to eat it then it would be a good challenge.
  2. Hot pepper challenge: It is a challenge most commonly given by friends. Try it on yourself first. If you can eat an entire hot pepper then it will be a blasting challenge for your friends. Many people allow to drink water between the challenge as well.
  3. Warhead challenge: This is a challenge of a candy that is quite sour in first few seconds. In this challenge you come to know how much pieces of candies you and your friends can eat.
  4. Ice Bucket challenge: it is one of the most given challenge around the world. If you can put ice water on in winters with no clothes on. Then give this challenge to your friends and enjoy.
  5. Lemon challenge: It is quite sour challenge. In this you have lemon slices and the person wins who eat more lemon slices.
  6. Eat it or wear it challenge: In this game you have some bags with numbers on it and a bowl full of chits that are having numbers. If you take out a chit and the number written on it directs you to that bag number now you have to take a spoon of it otherwise you have to wear it on your shirt or sleeve.
  7. Chubby Bunny challenge: it is rather a cute challenge. In which you must have plenty of marshmallows. The person who fits most marshmallows in his mouth wins the challenge.
  8. Ice cream sandwich challenge: This game is rather fun. You have a lot of choice of foods and a bowl of chits with number. Pick a chit and what’s on it direct you to that food number now you have to finish this food item.
  9. The 5 saltine cracker challenge: You can have a snack but the problem is you cannot have water with it.
  10. The Powder donut challenge: Try eating 5 donuts in 5 minutes without drinking anything.
  11. Ice bath challenge: It is a challenge of taking ice bath and yes it is not the easy one.
  12. Foot Ice Bath: It is one of the heaviest challenges. You have to put your feet in a tub full of ice and who stays longer than others will win the challenge.
  13. Blind Folded Makeup challenge: You have to put on a blind fold and do makeup of your own face. The one who is best at it wins the challenge.
  14. Blind Folded hairstyle challenge: You have to put a blind fold on and make a hairstyle of your own.
  15. Pop Rocks challenge: It is a challenge that how many pop rocks a person can fit in his mouth.
  16. Blind fold food tasting challenge: It is a challenge where blind fold is on and you have to taste the food and guess it.
  17. Nose less food testing challenge: In it a cloth pin is on your nose and a blind fold on eyes. Now taste the food and guess it.
  18. Shabby Chic food challenge: A challenge between tasting a cheap and expensive food of same food. Now taste it and guess.
  19. Pizza challenge: In this challenge a person must has to eat a full pizza. The one who do this wins the challenge.
  20. Bubble Gum challenge: let’s check how much Bubble gums you and your friends can fit in their mouths.
  21. Oreo Challenge: let’s see how much Oreo you and your friends can fit in their mouths.
  22. Egg drop challenge: Build something 2 stories high and now check whether egg survive the fall or not.
  23. Tea challenge: In this challenge you see how many cup of teas you and your friends can take.
  24. Blind Folded drawing challenges: Yes put on the blind fold and draw something.
  25. Whisper Challenge: Just put n your head set play loud music and now guess what your friends are saying.
  26. Smoothie challenge: This is not a regular smoothie pick some fruits and sizzling and write their names and put in a bowl. Now pick 2 to 3 chits and the things that are written on it show you the ingredients of your smoothie now try it.
  27. Mind Testing: Guess what your friends are thinking but they must have to give you some clues.
  28. Find me challenge: Go somewhere and phone your friend to come there. Now if he finds you within the time he wins the challenge.
  29. Horror Movie challenge: Watch a full horror movie alone. If you can survive then give challenge to your friends.
  30. Tin can challenge: Drink as much tin cans as you can and win the challenge.
  31. Cake challenge: Eat cake of your desire but you don’t have anything to drink if you pass this you win.
  32. No wifi challenge: You will not have your phone and wifi and you have to kill the given time. Pass this and win.
  33. No sound challenge: Watch a movie without sound. If you watch completely you will win.
  34. Shots challenge: Drink as many shots as you can and win.

Likewise there are more than hundreds eating and drinking challenges. Like who can eat more Tacos, Spicy BBQ, Raw cherries etc.

And challenges like walk bare foot on road etc but all these challenges are for fun purpose. Do play and have fun but don’t take it seriously.