25 Healthy Foods that make your Life Better

25 Healthy Foods that make your Life Better

We are all reminded to take charge of our lives especially in the choices of foods that we chose to consume. At the same time, we are all obligated to strive in improving our physical outlook through healthy eating. Wellness and fitness involve being aware and making healthy choices. After all nothing is more important than taking care of yourself. That means cutting a clear balance in all areas of your life.

It is obvious that eating the right foods results into a longer, healthier life. So what are some of the healthy foods that we must include in our budgets?

Frozen vegetables: They’re often better value and are edible for months longer than fresh veg. They are best used in soups, stews, curries and pie fillings.

Chicken breasts: It is low in fat and calories but on the other hand it is full of protein. You can also choose to eat fattier cuts of chicken.

Carrots: Carrot is a powerhouse of nutrients because of its richness in vitamin A. It is also best for immune support, vitamin K and bone health.

Shellfish: It is not common in many households but apparently it is contains more nutrients than most of other foods.

Brown rice: Being one of the oldest cereal grains, it has now become a common staple food for more than half of people in the world. It is rich in soluble fibre that keeps blood-sugar levels stable.

Tinned tomatoes: They are more of vegetables but are often they are treated as a fruit. They are full of potassium and vitamin C.

Spinach: Fresh spinach doesn’t need much cooking. Besides, it is packed with nutrients the likes of vitamins A and K.

Sweet potato: Healthy eating requires having incredible energy. Apparently these have more balanced source of energy than their potato counterparts.

Mushrooms: They are the only natural source of vitamin D. They are a great way of adding nutrients to your diet; thanks to being a good source of B vitamins and minerals.

Strawberries: They are low in both carbs and calories, are loaded with vitamin C, fiber and manganes. Hence they are highly nutritious. They are arguably among the most delicious foods in existence.

Bananas: They are not only high in vitamin B6 and fiber, but they are also among the world’s best sources of potassium.

Apples: Fruits are easy and a must incorporation in the diet. Apples are good way to snack because they are high in fiber, vitamin C and numerous antioxidants.

Olives: The monounsaturated fat in them helps in keeping skin smooth and to soften wrinkles. They provide nutrients such as copper and iron.

Lentils: They are commonly used in soups because of their richness in iron, B vitamins, magnesium and manganese.

Porridge oats: They’re a great heart-healthy food and are also perfect for keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Tinned beans: The combination of protein and fiber in them helps in balancing blood-sugar levels as well as keeping energy levels high.

Eggs: They are a suitable recommendation for those who are seeking to cut down their meat intake. They are also an incredible source of protein for vegetarians.

Yogurt: It is made from fermented milk and by adding live bacteria to it. And just like whole milk, it is full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Potatoes: They are incredibly fulfilling and popular thanks to the potassium and the vitamin C.

Cheese: It is also one of the most delicious foods that anyone can consume. a single slice of it contains about the same nutrients as an entire cup of milk.

Ezekiel bread: This is one of the healthiest bread that one can ever get because of the several types of legumes in it.

Salmon: Its popularity is in its excellent taste and high amount of nutrients. You will get protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Kale: It is incredibly high in vitamin K, vitamin C, fiber and a number of other nutrients. Hence it is highly popular.

Cucumber: Even though it is said to contain a lot of water, it is also loaded with small amounts of a number of nutrients that are worth anyone’s diet.

Brocolli: Contains a decent amount of protein and it is also a source of fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C