25 Games to play over Text


People love to text and do chat with their friends or family but sometimes you get bored of such simple texts and that’s why you want to play some games over text. This will keep your chatting interesting and funny.

Here we present you a list of 25 games to play over text and that is undoubtedly funny and interesting texting fun games:

  1. Truth or Dare: This is one of those games that are mostly played by friends or family when they get bored. Over text you have to choose between “truth” or “dare”. If a person choose “truth” then he or she must answer a question truly but a person choose “dare” then must do a task that is given by the other partner and after completion of the task your camera will give the proof of that task.
  2. Guess where: In this you have to guess the location of the opponent by some clues he or she give to you.
  3. Complete me: In this game a person gives you a sentence and opponent have to fill in the blank.
  4. Would you prefer: This will be a great source to finds good, bad and emotional things in your partner.
  5. Never have I ever: Player 1 has to tell an experience of his or her that she did. If player 2 never did this then player 2 will lose a point.
  6. Letter game: Just select a subject and then player 1 will throw a word lie under the subject and player 2 has to make a word with the last letter of the given word under the subject. This game continues until any of the player unable to make the next word.
  7. I am a movie star: One player plays a movie character and speaks a line or dialogue that was said by the character in movie and opponent has to guess the character.
  8. Let us build a story: One player has to make a word and the opponent has to write something with the rhyming words.
  9. Abbreviations: One player give a word consist of first letters of words and the opponent have to guess the complete word. Most of the times a subject and words are selected under the subject.
  10. Quiz game: This game is related to general knowledge questions. One player asks a question and the opponent player has to answer the question.
  11. I spy: It is a great game. Tell your partner that where you are and then pick an object and tell them to guess it but don’t forget to give them a clue.
  12. Let’s break it down: In this game you break a word and the opponent have to rearrange them in right order.
  13. Reversed Sentence: Just write the text in reverse order and opponent must have to continue this with same order.
  14. Yes or no: This game is a fun. Just ask a question and answer must be a yes or no. It consists of minimum 20 questions.
  15. The emoji translation games: It is one of the latest and funny games. It is a game in which you don’t use words. Your set of emojis will translate your emotions. And the opponent also reply’s with the emojis.
  16. Blind date: In this game both of the partners thinks places where they want to go for a date and then tell each and the place that is common they both visit this place next day. How nice is this?
  17. Confession time: it is a romantic game where players make confessions to each other.
  18. Name game: it is a game related to guessing names of different things by a limited number of clues and hints made by a player and opponent must have to guess it within the time.
  19. Categories: this is one of those games in which you need to use your observation skills. Decide a category before starting the game and then list the things under that category one by one and the one fails to list lose the game.
  20. Hangman: It is also a missing word game with a twist of limiting guesses.
  21. Correct the spelling: In this game you have to correct the wrong spellings.
  22. Picture games: you send funny pictures to each other and this goes on until a player stops.
  23. Song lyrics: In this game you player has to complete the song lyrics and one who fails loses the game.
  24. Pretending game: In this game a person pretends to be a character and the opponent guess what he would do in this character.
  25. Blind text: Close your eyes and blindly type text and send to each other. It is a fun game.