10 Things To Know About Secrets To A Happy Marriage

10 Things To Know About Secrets To A Happy Marriage

At one point or another or even as we were growing up, we must have fantasized about a happy marriage. Perhaps just by looking by at happy couples and how they carry our themselves. A marriage is not just about two people coming together instead; the two must identify what they want from each other. Remember it is a lifetime commitment especially after the vows you make before God and man. Those pledges of fidelity, of help, and support should always act as a guide to having a happy marriage.

Apparently, millions of marriages have gone south. It’s sad for the children. However, there are many reasons why you should stay married. But the question is how do you stay married and happy for that matter?

The following are some proven secretes to a happy marriage, which if applied, would be of value to your relationship: –

Think of the reasons you are together: – Commitment and trust are some of the hardest things in any marriage. But how many couples still understand why they came together?

Learn from experience: – Building a happy marriage requires you to be smart enough so as to learn from the past.

Engage each other in fun together: – Enjoy each other’s company by doing things together. It does not matter what it is. For example, go on walks or jog together. This gives a meaningful dimension to your relationship.

Building trust in your marriage is important. Trust is the foundation of a happy marriage but it is something that you must aggressively work on.

Show politeness to your partner: – Being polite should not be viewed as a formality. The use of the words such as please and thank you is not signs of weakness. Being courteous helps your marriage run smoothly.

Marriage is not a contest so don’t keep scores. A happy marriage involves partners helping each other carry the load.

Your spouse deserves their privacy: – Open and honest communication is of the essence. However avoid going through your partner’s things because it creates a sense of insecurity.

Greet each other with a smile: – A smile to our partner gives them some sort of assurance. It has the power to lift someone’s spirits. At the same time, it helps in setting a stage for a happy reunion.

Never use the words “I told you so”: – A little support and encouragement will go a long way in building a happy marriage. We all mess up from time to time but don’t shot at your partner.

Don’t be too serious with the small stuff: – Don’t sweat the small stuff. More often than not many cases of divorces are as a result of very trivial things. Don’t push your partner into an irritating level.

Ensure you are a friend to each other if you have to enjoy your marriage. It should be an entertaining institution other than having a fifty-fifty proposition.