Being a new mum can be really overwhelming. Nothing though makes it harder than not having clues as to how you go about the whole parenting thing. As a new parent you’re bound to have questions on each and everything from getting breastfeeding started, to washing and bathing your baby. Now the question really is, where can you get parenting tips for new parents? You came to the right place. The following parenting tips can help even the most nervous first-time parents feel confident about caring for the little angle in no time.

  1. Breastfeeding
    During breastfeeding, a parent can really make a deep connection with the baby. When you’re breastfeeding, give your baby the chance to nurse about 10-15 minutes at each breast. In the beginning it can seem like you’re doing nothing but just feeding, but with time you and your baby will establish a pattern and the milk production will settle.
  2. Baby Handling
    Babies at a tender age can be really fragile thus they need to be handled with care. A few things to note here are before you handle the baby ensure your hands are clean and sanitized. Check how you also hold their head and neck.
  3. Bathing
    When it comes to bathing too you need to be extra cautious. Give them a sponge bath until the navel heals to avoid injuring it. Also avoid giving frequent baths because they can lead to dry skin.
  4. know Your Baby
    Get to learn your baby behaviors. Through this you can easily note when your baby is not feeling well. Also there is a bond created where the baby easily notes when they are on and off their parent’s hands.
  5. Have some Personal Time
    With the new baby responsibility, sometime it is hard for you to take of yourself. It is advisable that you have sometimes alone you can ask someone to take care of your baby.
  6. seek help
    I would admit for new parent it is always an issue to trust someone with your baby but you need to loosen up. The whole process can really be overwhelming and some extra help is good.
  7. Don’t Forget Your Social Life
    It is pretty easy to get lost in the whole baby raising process but remember you have a life. Try to join maybe a new parents club and meet up with other new parents and share.
  8. The Partner is Still Around
    Do not be too focused with the baby to forget of your partner. Hire a baby sitter if you can and try to have a night out or a date.
  9. Get to sleep
    The baby keeps waking up at night and it is hard to get enough sleep. Before you snap again ask for help and then you can sleep when someone else is taking care of the baby.
  10. Health
    As much as you take care of your kid, to be healthy remember you also need to take care of yourself too. Check on your diet and hygiene.

There is an endless list of parenting tips but at the end of the day you and your baby’s wellbeing is all that matters.